August 3, 2010



The Marches new E.P. Director of Photography is now available! There has already been a lot of critical acclaim and excitement. The cover of Thom Yorke's "Black Swan" had a write up on the French Radiohead website. The webzine Delusions of Adequacy declared that the first track 'Big City' "ranks among the most sincerely melancholy gestures The Marches have made yet." And again the Thom Yorke cover was noted as Song of the Day on internet radio station/ blog Future Sounds. There are links to all these below.

In other amazing news, the Marches song "Bad Touch", from the previous album 4 a.m. is the new midnight has just been selected for in-flight airplay on 3,900 US Airways flights! On one of the in-flight radio stations there will be an 8 minute segment called "New Music Discovered" in which The Marches are one of the bands featured. In addition, a short interview with Richard Conti will accompany the song. We don't know the exact date yet but will keep you updated.

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July 8, 2010


"Black Swan (White Swan Version)" is Song of the Day at Future Sounds, which is an amazing and current radio show/ blog/ culture provider. The version Future Sounds is playing is the radio friendly version, minus any explicit lyrics. The uncensored version will be released August 3, on the Marches' E.P., Director of Photography.

Future Sounds also stated they "appreciated [The Marches] all along for their 'run-against-the-grain' approach, their HORNS, and their fierce independence."

June 17, 2010

The Marches announce their new E.P. Director of Photography

The Marches announce their new E.P., Director of Photography, for world release August 3, 2010. This will be a digital download only release. Advanced notice given to press started May 18, 2010. If you are a member of the press and would like to review the album, please contact Terry Mason at satellitestarrecords at gmail dot com. Here is the cover art.

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First review already given to Director of Photography with a compliment to the band's "depth of sound". Check out the blog The Confused Eclectic to hear some samples from the forthcoming E.P.

November 14, 2009

AFI Film Festival/ Subtitles

On Thursday, November 5, Richard Conti of the Marches provided some emergency subtitles for the Italian short Le Streghe, Femmes Entre Elles. The film screened at 10:00 p.m. as part of the AFI Film Festival. Directed by Jean-Marie Straub, and written by Cesare Pavese, the film provides a "lyrical exchange between goddesses in a forest that, through Straub's lens, becomes Edenic."

November 2, 2009

Australian Review / Album of the Week

Reviewed in Australia again. Album of the Week. Best quote of the article describes the Marches album 4 a.m. is the new midnight as follows: "The epic journey of a weird David Lynch-ish partay." Thank you Album of the week and thank you Australia for your continued support.

October 8th, 2009

Did the Beatles Create the First Hip-Hop Beat?

My Secret Playlist recently asked Richard Conti of the Marches to list and write about the top ten tracks he's listening to right now. Find out why he thinks the Beatles created the first hip-hop beat, as well as alternate versions of Grizzly Bear's "While You Wait for the Others" and Bauhaus' "Bella Legosi's Dead".

October 4th, 2009

Top Ten List

4 a.m. is the new midnight made it on the top ten for Big Takeover Magazine. In good company with the Melvins too. Check it out.

July 23rd, 2009



Watch the trailer on here.

June 12th, 2009

#2 American Underground Rock Album

4 a.m. is the new midnight is the #2 Top Selling American Underground Rock Album this week on CD Baby. Thanks again everybody. Keep spreading the word. New Marches track coming soon too!

June 10th, 2009

#9 Best Selling Electronic Album

THE MARCHES 4 a.m. is the new Midnight is the #9 best selling electronic album on CD Baby as of June 10th, 2009. So thank you everyone. And thank you Australia and all our international fans and press.

May 15th, 2009


Iowa - Homosexuals can now get married. But will they have good music at the wedding? Iowa City =

Thanks to this review, Iowans of any denomination, sexual preference, creed, blah blah boring can now get oh oh exciting by heeding the reviewers endorsement of "a nearly immaculate sounding introductory record" by the Marches band.

May 13th, 2009

Wave Radio Review! From Greece! Amazing Review!

Wow. Track By Track Review Of The Album. Ammos from Wave Radio not only listened to The Marches 4 a.m. is the new midnight closely, he devoured it. It is probably one of the best and most in depth review the Marches have ever received (for two other amazing reviews check out Globecat and His observations picked up on aspects of the album other critics missed like "Desperate vocals over a joyful melody, chaotic lyrics on an ordered beat" and "I started noticing a The Marches thing: you don't always get to hear the lyrics clearly. They are woven into the musical fabric on the song in a way that allows you to enjoy it without having to "get it".

And completely on the heels of our Australian distribution he noted that the album closer 'Victoria' "should be the official song for Victoria, Australia." We couldn't agree more. Thank you Ammos and thank you

Click pic to read review and while you are there, you stream cool new music form

May 11th, 2009

The Marches album 4 a.m. is the new midnight just got Australian distribution.

It is official and signed for. Australia, the music from the Marches band is on its way to you!

May 4th, 2009

I can Ta ta twitter you, Ta ta twitter me.

The Marches on Twitter

April 30, 2009

The Marches Interview and Live Performance on the RADIO HOTBODIES PODCAST

Radio Hotbodies is one of the most fun podcasts out there. This week they play so many good tracks. And also this week is especially cool because the Marches are on the show. There are two interview segments, and live performances of "Rudolph Valentino" and "Need Me Back". The Rudolph Valentino arrangement was specially written for the podcast and completely different from the album. To be topical, this will be known as the definitive Swine Flu podcast of this week. The Marches performance come on about the 00:16:00 and 1:00:00 marks but listen to the entire podcast to here all the new music you will love (play list below)

Download the entire podcast for free! Click on pic!


Podcast Playlist
1. dan deacon "wooody wooodpecker"
2. passion pit "little secrets"
3. future of the left "throwing bricks at trains"
4. the marches "rudolph valentino (live)"
5. the haunted mansions "oh samantha!"
6. afternoons "saturday morning"
7. deerhunter "rainwater cassette exchange"
8. atlas sound "time warp"
9. chotto ghetto "tattooed holidays"
10. basement jaxx "raindrops"
11. the field "the more that i do"
12. why? "a little titanic"
13. elvis costello and the attractions "riot act"
14. the marches "need you back (live)"

April 20, 2009

The Marches Live Show Pics

"This is the band you want to hear in a club—full of surprises, somewhat chaotic, and able to do anything they want."
- Ekko, Berkeley Place Blog


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The Marches Music
The Marches indie music
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April 11, 2009

Live Show Review of Monotonix and Anavan at Spaceland, Los Angeles
On April 10th at Spaceland, Anavan opened up for Monotonix. It was a case of a show starting out highly energized and then going insane. Anavan was great at always. They have plucky bouncing bass lines, trashy wild disco drums that tend to have a high-hat snap on the &'s of the beats, and punchy male vocals harmonized with a Siouxsie and the Banshee-ish high monotone female vocal.

Now lets move on to the Monotonix. Before they started, an announcement was made that no one was to go on stage as Monotonix played. I also want to bring up they are from Israel only for the fact that as they started the show with a droning guitar lick, they softly parted the crowd in two like Moses parted the sea so many years ago. They then walked down the middle of that vacant center line: air swimming, spaced out, swinging each other around, all in slow motion.

Then everything went completely ape shit.

The Monotonix were playing on the floor in Spaceland instead of the stage. But it would be a mistake to say they were playing on the floor because they were in the air as much as they were on the floor. As soon as the drums kicked in the lead singer was on top of the crowd, literally hanging from the rafters, pushing and pulling into the air. Drum parts went into the air. The crowd went in the air. The crowd too was hanging form the rafters. What looked like clothes and shoes were flying in the air but later turned out to be obliterated LA Weeklies. The announcement to the crowd to stay off the stage was promptly ignored. The microphone only worked maximum 40% of the entire show. At no fault of the mixers. The line was literally yanked, pushed and pulled in so many directions and through so many people there was no way it would have functioned. At one point, half the crowd was holding the microphone line above them in team effort to make it work. Undeterred by a non-working microphone, lead singer Ami Shalev incessantly pushed on and crowd surfed. I have never seen anyone crowd surf on top of a bass drum before nor have I ever seen anyone performing drums on top of a crowd. Shalev performed these delicate balancing acts always seconds away from peril of his own energetic crowd. A second announcement was made to the crowd to get off the stage, "even photographers", to no avail. The crowd stayed on stage, in the air, on the ground, everywhere, anywhere. At one point the drummer Ran Shimoni, along with 15% of the crowd, took his drums, ran into the adjacent bar section of Spaceland, through the front double doors, through back stage, on stage, and back on the ground floor. All the while, the music never stopped. Guitarist Yonotan Gat's non-stopping licks and the energy of the crowd were the only two constants of the show. Everything else was erratic and up to chaotic chance.

All this leads me to a thought. Although Anavan's synth based music was different, it was no less energetic. In fact, drummer/ vocalist/ frontman Aaron Buckley jumped into the crowd several times. And the crowd loved Anavan too. So why does a crowd go ape shit for one band and not the other? I can easily see people going crazy for Anavan's music instead of just mostly standing like they did. And I have to say I enjoyed the Monotonix show more. But would I have liked it if all their energy was just confined to the stage? And here I am giving more space to the Monotonix instead of Anavan. Either way, both bands are fantastic live. Go check them out. PhotobucketPhotobucket 

April 10, 2009


The Marches Show April 

April 5, 2009

Cover Me

Cover Me is a blog where you can hear all your favorite new artists covering all your favorite all-time artists. This week, The Marches "Cold Shoulder" has made it into a list along with covers of Tom Waits, Jesus and Mary Chain, and Mazzy Star by Haverford Humtones, Daneil Eaton, and Catman Cohen (respectively). If you are into new takes on known tunes, this is the blog for you.

April 4, 2009


The Marches 4 a.m. is the new midnight isn't just for West Coast kids, it's also good for East Coast kids. Connecticut's New Haven Advocate asks the questions "R&B? Dance record? Rock? Ironic new wave? All of the above?" Read the answer below. And check out what's killing in Connecticut while you're there.

March 27, 2009

¿Hablas Español?

The Marches have now been reviewed in Spanish! In the Super45 blog. Think you can translate? There has to be at least one person in our L.A. fan base. Write us at and let us know what the review says.

March 25, 2009

Dans Dance
The Blog Salmingo has posted a very cool dance mix, Gsquared Vol 11, featuring the Marches "Bad Touch" along with remixes of Franz Ferdinand, the Virgins and Copacabana Club. You can stream or download the mix below.

March 23, 2009


On facebook? So are the Marches. Click below and become a fan.

March 21, 2009


As far as blogs go, SPEED OF DARK gets points for having one the best named. Not only have they given the Marches a great review, "Ringleader Richard Conti alternates with the several other vocalists in the group to produce songs that shift kaliedescopically from track to track, rearranging the band’s elements to produce fascinatingly diverse combinations", but they are also doing some cool SXSW reporting right now. Check out the review and the blog below.

March 20, 2009

Performing Live on Radio Hotbodies

Radio Hotbodies is an amazing podcast. They've already played the Marches music in volume 28 and volume 31. Now you will be able to hear a live performance of the Marches on Radio Hotbodies which will air April 29th. If you haven't already, click below and check out their show.

March 19, 2009

Big Stereo review's the Marches. Check it out.

"Coming from Los Angeles these kids are sure to fill indie venues and have all the cool kids dancing."

March 18, 2009


Richard Conti of the Marches laid down some piano on a new track from Ian Salman of Outer 7th last week in Ian's recording studio in San Diego. Check out Outer 7th songs at for more.

March 17, 2009

Shamrock Shake Sighting

For those seeking the elusive and alien Shamrock Shake and you live in Los Angeles, you can buy one at the McDonald's in West Hollywood on Wilshire

March 14, 2008

Phoenix 98 fm

4 a.m. is the new midnight is now being loved in Phoenix. Click Here for Playlist

March 10, 2009

AMOEBA RECORDS HOLLYWOOD Is Now Selling the Marches Album.

Amoeba Records Mural by DonnaGrayson.
The debut Marches CD 4 a.m. is the new midnight is now available at Amoeba Records in Hollywood. Go Buy The Album. "The band’s eclectic mix of blippy electro, caustic synths and bass- and horn-heavy Motown reveals some soul in their machines" per Buzz Bands. Amoeba is located at 6400 Sunset Blvd. between Cahuenga and Ivar. 

February 18, 2009

The Marches have been added to a couple radio stations this month.

First, on the airwaves in Austin, Texas on KOOP 91.7 fm. Thank you KOOP Radio and in particular the Up on the Download show for broadcasting "4 a.m. is the new midnight" Febuary 1, 2009. Click Here.

Secondly, the Marches were played in two successive shows on Future Sounds on Listen to Future Sounds #11 and #12 to check it out. You can hear the song "Bad Touch" alongside cool bands like Edward Sharpe and the Magnectic Zeroes, Lights On, The Futureheads, Paper and many many more. Click here.

February 8, 2009

The Marches' cover of "Cold Shoulder" by Grammy Award winner Adele is now up on youtube. Click here.

February 4, 2009

Best of 2008
This is a little late coming. And instead of albums, it's videos. Here are the best three videos of 2008, even if they didn't all come out in 2008.

1. The first is by DEICHKIND and is called "ARBEITNERVT". It was done by directors Alex and Liane and is simply amazing. For a video that is this strange and outlandish, there are also a lot subtle details added to make it that much more interesting. Click here.

2. The second is also by DEICHKIND called "ICH BETEUEBE MICH" and is genius. It was also directed by Alex and Liane. There is so much visual stimulation you might miss some of the monsters. Click here.

3. The third video is by the DODOS called "FOOLS". Directed by Matt Amato. This creates beauty out of limited resources and simple set. The cinematography, editing, slow motion, and use of light are all done so well. Gorgeous really.
Click here.

February 4, 2009

Treble Magazine reports “Synthesizers shiver twinkling electronic flourishes. Horns blare from every precipice.”
Click Here.

Surviving the Golden Age.

Tough Customer // Wire

January 12, 2009

New Marches track! "Cold Shoulder", Adele cover, out now! It’s part of Fantasy Covers 2008 project form Coke Machine Glow. Click here.

All the other tracks on this podcast are amazing. Indie artists doing really interesting covers of hits of 2008. Some really stand out tracks are Pale Young Gentelman’s cover of the M.I.A. track “Paper Planes”, Laura Barret’s cover of Beck’s “Gamma Ray”, and Wye Oak’s cover of Grand Buffet’s “Death Paver”. The whole podcast is great. Download and enjoy.

December 15

Marches made the top 30 list at KCSU in Colorado and the top 10 December list at Free Williamsburg: Click here for article.

New review in Berkeley Place.

Review last month from 30music.

December 10

The UK has noticed the Marches. Check out what the Brits have to say about The Marches 4 a.m. is the new midnight at Americana UK. Click here for the article.

November 26

New Marches 4 A.M. Is The New Midnight review in Delusions of Adequacy. The second track on the album, "Bad Touch", is praised as "plunging head first into Detroit territory. It’s one of the album’s strongest moments, and finds gritty synthesizers and sassy saxophone riffs sharing the spotlight."

It also compares the bass playing to Motown's bass genius James Jamerson. It is as big a comliment as it gets. Check it out here.

November 18, 2008

Interview with Richard Conti of the Marches today on Globecat Music. During the course of the interview Globecat had some really really great things to say about the Marches:

“There's something profoundly magical about this band.”

“…every once in awhile, there's that one group that is just so profoundly different, new, innovative, and daring…”

“…there's a humanity and vulnerability that seeps through these notes, transcending their budgets and their surroundings. It's a Major Label album on a nothing budget. It is under these circumstances that the best music is often made.”

The questions they asked were fantastic questions. They really did their homework listening to the album. Thank you Globecat. A-Trak is next week on Globecat so check out the site regularly for great music interviews.

November 17, 2008

"Need Me Back", the 6th track off 4 a.m. is the new Midnight, has been added to the monthly podcast on Click here to hear the podcast. And click here to buy the track on iTunes.

November 13, 2008

Coke Machine Glow has asked the Marches to be a part of its Fantasy Covers Podcast. They have their favorite indie artists doing covers of 2008 singles. And the Marches are apparently of their favorites. We’ll be covering Adele’s “Cold Shoulder”. The song is great and really is conducive to the Marches’ covering it. But instead of violins, expect saxes. And some other new elements.

November 12, 2008

Press has taken notice! Good review in Coke Machine Glow today on the Marches 4 a.m. is the new midnight. Review here. In that review they compared Richard Conti’s piano playing to Johann Sebastian Bach and had also this say:

“On “Need Me Back”; those horns are spine-chilling, the drum line inspired in its forward energy and processing, and (Briana) Nadeau’s rich lilt fluidly navigates the melancholic proto-soul territory that Beth Gibbons used to stake out.”

“…on “Cold Hands Warm Heart” (the horns) blurt and do a run of the melody as Nadeau trades a few vocal lines with Marches’ mastermind Richard Conti until Conti’s line becomes a piano’s and Nadeau’s parsing the song title into pretty catharsis.”